Yeah so... I don't really feel like being Etnad or my OC at the moment, or being on tumblr really, so I'm putting them on hiatus for now. The other blogs I have are just gonna be deleted and their e-mails saved. I'll try and come back soon but I just kinda want to stay away for now.

I’ve come of hiatus for one night because a situation has happened and a certain person needs to be fucking taken care of.

I ask that the lovely people who still follow me to please report rxdleathertrench for harassment. Why? Well if you don’t know I’ll give you a quick summary of it (also here is a post going into more detail); This person insulted one of my good friend’s and basically told her ‘I hope you die’ to her face on skype, and then throws a bitch fit about it on her own blog when she got called out for her bullshit. She wished death upon someone who wanted to end a friendship and this is def-fucking-nitely not okay in the least. This person needs to be reported and basically kicked from tumblr from what she did and I would very much appreciate it if everyone would help with that.

Indefinite Hiatus
Indefinite Hiatus


-puts this here and rolls away-

Indefinite Hiatus

-puts this here and rolls away-

Indefinite Hiatus
Indefinite Hiatus

“Are you tired yet?” Etnad asked, his own voice sounding tired.

“No…” the little hybrid child said as he curled up against his father’s chest.

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Mun Form!


Tag a few of your friends and make them fill in this form! For the MUN only!

tagged by: madkxng

name: Taylor

age: 18

birthday: September 26th

gender: Female

sexuality: Bisexual

height: 5’3’’.

blogs: gooeyxnomad, chaos-black, paintedxeyes

FC (if you have one): 

tagged: -throws arms in the air- Do it if you want idk